Neither does initiating as an entrepreneur. That’s why the twelve-year old Nanou founded TWLV, together with her brothers and supported by her parents. To launch a clothing line at the request of tens of thousands of her followers, and for fun. TWLV reflects Nanou’s life and her videos: authentic, trendy and true to certain values. We want to inspire people to make sustainable choices, be healthy, enjoy life and to follow their dreams.


TWLV stands for quality and comfort in the first place. Authentic items that are pleasant to wear, for every age, designed by young creative minds. In short, clothing that makes you feel relaxed and enables you to live life to the fullest.


In addition, TWLV stands for trendy. Because with her online content, Nanou proves that she has her fingers on the pulse of the internet, and the world. The choice to do business with her close family has been made consciously, and for fun. Therefore, through TWLV, she hopes not only to make people happy with trendy fashion, but also to contribute to a friendlier society. And by shopping here, you join her and her family!


Finally, we do everything to ensure that you can wear TWLV with peace of mind. Thanks to partnerships with sustainable brands, the clothes and accessories produced on our behalf are made with care for people, animals and for the environment. Even though no one can be 100 % sustainable, it may be a goal for TWLV. Our designs are created by young Flemish designers and produced in Belgium by local entrepreneurs.



Phone: +32 477 222 509