About us


The then twelve-year old Nanou founded TWLV in 2019 , together with her brothers and supported by her parents. Nanou got requests to launch a clothing line by thousands of her followers. A clothing brand was something Nanou and her brothers always dreamed of.
TWLV reflects their mindset: authenticity, trendy and true to certain values. That’s why trough TWLV they want to inspire people to do the same and make sustainable choices, enjoy life and to follow their dreams.



At TWLV we realize that it’s close to impossible to be 100% sustainable. That doesn’t mean we don’t challenge the impossible! 
That’s why we challenge ourselves and our partners to create clothes and accessories that are made with care for people, animals and the environment.
We believe that style & sustainable can coexist







Isabelle: +32 477 222 509

Cédric +32 498 506 784