Welcome to the heart of TWLV – our wonderfully weird team of friends, family, and everyone in between. We're a mix of personalities, united by creativity and a love for the unique.

Our Story

TWLV began as a spark of creativity from a young, ambitious visionary: Nanou Philips. At just twelve years old, her YouTube channel blossomed into an unexpected success story, inspiring the name "TWLV." Nanou, along with her brothers Noah and Cédric, transformed their passion for fashion and creativity into something tangible. From their bedroom to the world, TWLV was born out of a family's love for style and innovation.

Back in 2019, when we first started, we were novices in the truest sense - full of ideas but with a lot to learn. That year was a rollercoaster of trial and error, a journey through mistakes that became our greatest teachers. By 2021, our second collection marked another leap in our learning curve. It was then that we truly began to understand the power of collaboration, developing our skills through self-study and YouTube, our unconventional yet invaluable learning tool.

Growth and Collaboration

As TWLV evolved, so did our team. We've always believed in the power of family and friends, a core value that has guided our growth. When we crossed paths with the Janssen brothers, Ward and Willem, it was an instant connection. With Willem's exceptional design skills shaping much of our collection, and Ward's creative insights, we knew we had something special.

Our Team Today

Today, in 2024, TWLV stands as a collective of young, creative, and driven individuals. We're not just a brand; we're a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and visions. Our team, a dynamic blend of friends, family, and like-minded souls, continue to push our boundaries of fashion and creativity. Our third drop is a testament to our continuous growth and learning, a journey we cherish deeply.

Our Mission

Here's the twist in our fashion tale: TWLV isn't just about looking good (though we do that pretty well). It's a glimpse into a lifestyle that cherishes balance. In the TWLV family, we hustle with heart. We're dedicated to our careers, committed to our health, and unafraid to chase our dreams. Yet, we understand life’s greatest paradox: the importance of play. With TWLV, life is an array of thrilling travels, unforgettable adventures, and moments that make you feel vibrantly alive.



To all those doubting themselves, let our story be your inspiration. Everything is possible with passion, perseverance, and the willingness to learn from every step of the journey. We invite you to join us in weaving together work, wellness, and wanderlust into an extraordinary tapestry of life.